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Meet the chef

Μαρία Ανανιάδου

COOK FOR DUKE  /  Maria Ananiadou

Maria Ananiadou

Personal Chef Kefalonia

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable desire to express myself through art. And it is within the culinary arts, particularly as a personal chef on Kefalonia, that I have discovered the perfect outlet—a realm where I can freely experiment, and most importantly, joyfully share my creativity with all of you.

My culinary journey began at the Vocational School of Culinary Arts on Kefalonia, where I laid the foundation for my passion. Further enhancing my knowledge, I pursued additional education in various private schools in Athens, continually seeking to refine my skills and deepen my understanding of the culinary world.In my ongoing pursuit of excellence, I regularly participate in online seminars and engage in personal exploration.

As a trained chef specializing in intolerances and food allergies, my culinary creations revolve around the rich tapestry of Greek tradition and the incredible bounty of local products.

On my menus, you will find traditional recipes infused with my personal touch—a touch shaped by cherished memories of my childhood in Northern Greece, captivating experiences on the Greek islands, ongoing research, and experimentation.

Becoming a personal chef on Kefalonia was a natural choice for me because I cherish the opportunity to meet new people and share my passion with them.

In my kitchen, I invite you to join me on a journey to savor the essence of Greek cuisine. I promise to share not only my knowledge but also my passion for the traditional recipes that define the flavors of my country.

And fear not, for I am here to recommend the perfect bottle of fine local wine that will harmoniously complement your meal.My utmost dedication is to ensure that your time spent on Kefalonia is truly unforgettable.

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