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Breakfast & Brunch

Savor a delightful selection of breakfast options, each capturing the enticing flavors of Greece and its fresh morning delights!

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Mediterranean Breakfast

Traditional Greek dishes from all over the country with freshly baked bread.

Delight in a meticulously curated Mediterranean breakfast experience, crafted with care and precision, using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients from the bountiful landscapes of Kefalonia.

Picture savoring the aroma of freshly baked breads, indulging in vibrant fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor, taste the rich local cheeses, and discovering our handcrafted jams and cakes – a symphony of tastes waiting to captivate your senses.

Anticipating the pleasure of serving you, we look forward to collaboratively creating a personalized breakfast menu that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean diet

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Vegan Delights

Our fresh, healthy and vegan options will blow your mind.

Elevate the dawn of your day with our exquisite array of vegan delights, offering a sumptuous and guilt-free breakfast experience that is both dairy-free and egg-free.

Delight in banana pancakes, almond smoothies, and apple muffins. Explore fresh breads, energy bowls, and homemade jams—crafted for a flavorful, energizing morning until lunch.

Whether you’re a devoted vegan or simply seeking a fresh and invigorating start, we’re here to collaborate and create a breakfast experience that resonates with both your taste buds and your well-being.

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Fresh Greek island twist

A modern twist to the Greek island breakfast that makes use of fresh, local produce.

Embark on a culinary journey that reimagines the classic Greek island breakfast with a contemporary twist.

Our menu celebrates the rich flavors of the Mediterranean, featuring locally sourced, fresh produce in every dish.

From savory to sweet, our offerings blend tradition with innovation, providing a delightful and satisfying start to your day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to complement your meal with our freshly roasted aromatic Greek coffee, bringing the essence of the islands to every sip.

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Fruitful sweet morning feast

A breakfast brimming with fruits, chocolate and nuts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Immerse yourself in refined flavors and contemporary elegance.

Our curated breakfast menu features sweet crêpes, chia pudding, and carrot cake muffins—each a fusion of fresh ingredients and creative flair.

Sip on freshly squeezed orange juice and savor the bold notes of our roasted Greek coffee.

Join us for a morning that transcends the ordinary, where modern sophistication meets timeless taste.

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