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Meet the chef

Μαρία Ανανιάδου

COOK FOR DUKE  /  Maria Ananiadou

Maria Ananiadou

As far back as I can remember I have always sought for ways to express myself through art.

In the culinary arts I have found the outlet I was looking for, the freedom to experiment and the joy of sharing my creativity with you.

My dishes are mainly about Greek tradition and the incredible local products. On my menus you will find traditional recipes with my personal touch, a touch formed by childhood memories in Northern Greece, island experiences, ongoing research and experimentation and a lot of love for the beautiful ingredients of the land where I grew up.

Join me in my kitchen and I promise to share my knowledge and passion for the traditional recipes of my country with you. I can also recommend the perfect bottle of fine local wine to compliment your meal and will do my best to make your stay on Kefalonia unforgettable!

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